Day 2 Training

Top-Down + Front-Back Strategies
For Managing Stress & Anxiety

In Day 2’s training we will go over the strategies that you can use to calm your brain and your body’s response to stress and anxiety.

In this training we will go over:

-The difference between Top-Down and Front-Back Strategies to manage stress 

-Describe several examples of strategies to use to calm your stress response

-Suggest some natural herbals that can come to your aide

top-Down + Front Back Strategies

Training 2

Action Step #2: Selecting a Strategy to Implement

Let’s take an inventory of what strategies you already use and what ones you have never tried.  Use Day 2 in our workbook to help guide you through selecting which Top-Down and Front-Back strategy you would like to implement.

No More Stress Headaches!

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Karen Headshot

Karen Smith

Speech Pathologist and Mom

Products Mentioned

Stress relief complex

Stress Relief Complex

Helps Cortisol Levels

Stress Relief Complex* promotes a calm, relaxed state using a blend of L-theanine, ashwagandha, beta-sitosterol, and L-tyrosine to help reduce feelings of stress without causing drowsiness.*

Mood Lift

MoodLift Complex

Helps Mental Outlook

MoodLift Complex contains St. John's wort, which research shows provides dietary support for a positive mental outlook after four to six weeks of use, and inositol, which complements the activity of St. John's wort by playing a role in the proper transmission of nerve signals.*

Body Trio

Relax with this Spa Experience in your Own Shower

Relax with our travel-size collection of essential nutrition for the body: Revitalize Body Wash, Restore Body Serum, and Nourish Body Lotion. Together they nourish the skin to leave it irresistibly soft, visibly firmer, and aging well in three simple steps

I choose Joy

I Choose Joy

A Daily Gratitude Practice that Will Transform Your Life

By Danelle Delgado

A gratitude practice that changed Delgado’s own life. Deceptively simple, gratitude practice asks you to take three small but vital steps every day. These three steps will transform your beliefs, your attitudes, and your thinking.

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Mindset Meeting 2: Meditation and Journaling

Missed the session live?  Don’t stress!  We have you covered!

In this short session Dawn talks more about the benefits of two strategies, journaling and meditation.  

You will come away having some ideas of how to implement it into your routine.  

Miss a Mindset Meeting?  Click the button below to access all the replays. 

Meet your Coaches

Havilah Headshot

Havilah Blum

After retiring from a professional ballet career, Havilah found her new passion in helping others learn how to live healthy, thriving lives. 

She leads by example with sustainable and holistic lifestyle changes that even the most busy, stressed, and tired mom can implement.

 She and her husband, Josh have two boys ages two and four, and another baby on the way! 

Dawn and Daughters

Dawn Zurcher

Former elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom of 3 girls, Dawn mentors families in health and homeschool. Dawn strives to help moms find joy and wellbeing within the ups and downs of motherhood.

She uses her teaching and homeschool experience to mentor families starting the homeschool journey paired with proven nutrition products to support your wellbeing.

  A healthy mom=happy family and homeschool!    

*We are not medical professionals so remember to always consult your doctor especially if already on prescriptions or pregnant or breastfeeding. We do not claim to heal or reverse any medical conditions. Sometimes in the case of anxiety prescriptions are needed along with good nutrition.