Day 3 Training

Bottom-Up Strategy

We have shared strategies to get your mind and body calm and relaxed in our Top-Down and Front-Back session. 

Today we are going to share what is rarely talked about but  SO IMPORTANT to managing chronic stress.  You must have your foundation set before you can start building. The next two trainings will be devoted to building this Bottom-Up foundation starting with Nutrition.  

In this training we will go over:

-Why Nutrition and Gut Health is Key to managing your stress 

-What Key Nutrients you need to help your body deal with stress

-Easy, Simple Solutions to getting these key nutrients

Bottom-Up Strategy: Nutrition

Training 3

Action Step #3: Take Notes on Nutrition

Your 3rd action step is to take great notes as you listen to all the nutrients that are important to managing stress and anxiety.  Use Day 3 in our Stress Buster Workbook to guide your note taking.  Download the workbook below (if you haven’t already)

These Tools Made All the Difference

“After my first baby I experienced so much stress and anxiety due to being so depleted. My second pregnancy and postpartum was night and day different.  I used Shaklee nutrition products, Stress Relief Complex, and had discovered gratitude journaling.  These tools help me remain calm and be the mom I want to be.”

Dawn Zurcher Testimonials Havilah

Havilah Blum

Your Coach

Products Mentioned

Ready Set Wellness bundle

Ready, Set, Wellness Bundle

Holistic Nutrion Starter Pack

Ready to have more energy, sleep better, live healthier, and feel younger? Set your personalized path to true wellness and healthy habits in 5 minutes. Wellness is in reach, with clinically proven products from the pioneers of wellness. Includes multivitamins, 2 Life Shake™ and a boost of your choice. 

 We recommend choosing the free boost of Collagen or Triple Defense Boost when dealing with stress and anxiety.

Optiflora DI

Optiflora DI Probiotic

Clincially Proven to Improve Digestive and Immune Health

Support intestinal flora balance/good bacteria
Maintain regularity
Reduce occasional gas, bloating, and constipation
Adds good bacteria to the gut, supporting immune health



Nature’s Emulsifier 

The National Academy of Sciences has established that choline is important in the diet because it supports brain, liver, cardiovascular, and reproductive health. Choline is a component of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of messages in the brain and nervous system.*

B complex

B Complex

Balanced for Energy and Wellbeing

B-Complex delivers the perfect balance of all eight B vitamins using the patented Bioactivated Absorption System™ designed to make it easier for your body to absorb them. These essential nutrients help support energy, cardiovascular and brain health, cell renewal, and healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

What Makes Our Recommended Products Different?

Pure and Safe 
Over 100,00 quality tests performed each year on ingredients. You know you are getting what the label says
Scientific formulation for max absorption. It works!
Over 100 clinical published papers including the Landmark Study which shows Shaklee supplement users experienced better results than other supplements
Safe for the Planet-
Shaklee was the first Carbon Neutral company and continues to be Earth conscience.
Backed by a 100% empty carton money back guarantee
Shaklee Difference

Mindset Meeting Day 3: Breathing Techniques to help you Calm your Mind and Body

If you missed today’s Mindset Session watch the replay here!

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Meet your Coaches

Havilah Headshot

Havilah Blum

After retiring from a professional ballet career, Havilah found her new passion in helping others learn how to live healthy, thriving lives. 

She leads by example with sustainable and holistic lifestyle changes that even the most busy, stressed, and tired mom can implement.

 She and her husband, Josh have two boys ages two and four, and another baby on the way! 

Dawn and Daughters

Dawn Zurcher

Former elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom of 3 girls, Dawn mentors families in health and homeschool. Dawn strives to help moms find joy and wellbeing within the ups and downs of motherhood.

She uses her teaching and homeschool experience to mentor families starting the homeschool journey paired with proven nutrition products to support your wellbeing.

  A healthy mom=happy family and homeschool!    

*We are not medical professionals so remember to always consult your doctor especially if already on prescriptions or pregnant or breastfeeding. We do not claim to heal or reverse any medical conditions. Sometimes in the case of anxiety prescriptions are needed along with good nutrition.