Day 1 Training

Stress and Your Brain 101

When Dawn had her first baby, she was exhausted yet found she couldn’t sleep.  She didn’t want to be away from her baby. She was experiencing postpartum ANXIETY and didn’t even know it!  

You are a step ahead by showing up today!   The first step to solve any problem is to acknowledge and identify it!

In our first training, Stress and Your Brain 101, we will go over:

-What happens in your body with stress or anxiety 

-Symptoms of chronic stress and anxiety

-Introduce the 3 categories we will focus on to Holistically address your Stress and Anxiety

So pull out your Stress Buster Workbook (Don’t have it? Download it below the video.) and get ready to take your first step to address your stress! 

Stress and Your Brain 101

Training 1

Action Step #1: Identifying Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress buster action 1

Your first Action Step is to identify what symptoms of stress and anxiety you are experiencing.  You will also identify what could be the cause of your stress.  

Download your Stress Buster Workbook below and follow the instructions to begin formulating your plan to manage stress.  

When my doctor’s only solution was to take more naps… 

“After having 3 babies in 3 years, I found myself exhausted, stressed and running on fumes.  When the doctor’s only solution was to take more naps, I knew there had to be more.  From a good friend’s recommendation, I discovered Shaklee’s nutrition products.  I went from a mom who couldn’t show up for my family to a mom full of energy.  I went on to have 2 more kids and have been running a thriving business from home.  It all started with high quality nutrition strategies. 

Dawn Zurcher Testimonials Chelsey Holm

Chelsey Holm

Thriving Mom of 5

Bonus Mindset Meeting!

In our first Mindset Meeting, Dawn shared the “R”s to managing your thoughts.  

For many women our stress response starts with our thoughts so if we can get to this root cause by controlling our thoughts we will strengthen our ability to get out of our body’s stress response.

This don’t want to miss this short but impactful Mindset Meeting.

If you missed any of our Mindset Meetings catch ALL the replays by clicking the button below.

Meet your Coaches

Havilah Headshot

Havilah Blum

After retiring from a professional ballet career, Havilah found her new passion in helping others learn how to live healthy, thriving lives. 

She leads by example with sustainable and holistic lifestyle changes that even the most busy, stressed, and tired mom can implement.

 She and her husband, Josh have two boys ages two and four, and another baby on the way! 

Dawn and Daughters

Dawn Zurcher

Former elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom of 3 girls, Dawn mentors families in health and homeschool. Dawn strives to help moms find joy and wellbeing within the ups and downs of motherhood.

She uses her teaching and homeschool experience to mentor families starting the homeschool journey paired with proven nutrition products to support your wellbeing.

  A healthy mom=happy family and homeschool!    

*We are not medical professionals so remember to always consult your doctor especially if already on prescriptions or pregnant or breastfeeding. We do not claim to heal or reverse any medical conditions. We recognize that ometimes in the case of anxiety, prescriptions are needed.