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You decided to homeschool!  Yay!  

But now wondering where to start?  This program will give a step-by-step plan to have a successful homeschool year!

Products I personally use to Thrive

Dawn Zurcher Prove It Challenge

        This is where my Journey Started!           Feel better in 30 days or your money back. Nothing to lose only energy to gain!

Dawn Zurcher Life Shake

Like Coffee: Feel better after drinking it and don’t want to go without it!  I have one Protein Smoothie a day.

Dawn Zurcher Vitalizer

3rd party, clinically proven to increase your overall wellbeing.  This is my daily foundation for great health.

Dawn Zurcher Cleaning product

Getting toxins out of the home is a great first step.  Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, affordable, and effective!

Dawn Zurcher Collagen product

A little in my coffee each day and I have seen huge improvement in my skin, hair, and joints.  Winner of Best Complete Collagen.

Dawn Zurcher skincare product

this skin care regimen is amazing with no questionable chemicals. The activating serum, night renewal cream, and Age defense mineral moisturizer are my must haves!

Dawn Zurcher GLA complex

Hormonal Acne and horribly heavy periods plagued me until I found this Little remedy to help balance the hormonal rollercoaster.  

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