My Experience with a Collagen Supplement

Today I want to share my experience with a collagen supplement.  

 A year ago,  I had barely dipped my toes into the supplement world.  My only experience was my prenatal which I will admit I got the cheapest-on-sale and said “check got that covered.”

 However as I age I have begun to realize that I need the extra help to stay healthy and well.  Health and quality of life is a priority for me so I have started to explore the supplement world wanting to find high quality supplements that actually produce results.

But it can be so overwhelming!

Collagen is one of those supplements that you can quickly feel the overwhelm.  It is everywhere!  Just walk down a beauty aisle and you will see creams, lotions, and powder supplements all claiming to give you wrinkle free skin and make you beautiful.  

To clear up the mystery and empower you to up your wellness game,  I am going to share:

  1. My recent personal experience with a collagen supplement

  2. Benefits of a Collagen Supplement according to research

  3. What I like about my collagen supplement

Keep reading to hear my story.  

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My Experience with a Collagen Supplement Begins!

With my supplement overwhelm,  how did I have an experience with a Collagen Supplement?  

At the beginning of 2021 I unfortunately went through a miscarriage that landed me in the hospital.  I was discharged extremely anemic.   

God protected me by having my good friend who happened to be staying with us that week.  She took good care of me by making me some great protein smoothies and giving me bone marrow toast to add my recovery.  In my smoothie she mixed a collagen supplement. 

She left the rest of the canister behind when she left.   I continued to add it to my coffee and shakes not thinking much of it.

However in about a month I started noticing some benefits from the collagen.

First Benefit…My Skin!

After about a month of daily having my collagen supplement,  I started noticing a difference in my skin! 

 I have suffered hormonal acne my whole child bearing years.  I have tried many different products, experimented with my diet, and visited the dermatologists with no great solutions.  

It was a big deal and very noticeable how my skin was smoother, the acne seemed to be healing much quicker, and my skin was looking more plump and firm.  

I still have been having breakouts with my cycle but they heal so much quicker, aren’t cystic like before, and are noticeably less severe.  

The picture on the left was taken about a year ago and is an example of a typical flare up I would have each month. 

The picture on the right is today after about 5 months of daily collagen supplementation.  

Experience with a Collagen Supplement Before and After

Benefit 2-New Hair Growth

The next thing I started noticing is baby hairs making an appearance in my hairline.  I had lost a lot of hair postpartum and also post CoVid.  

It has been a relief to see abundant new growth and it didn’t start in this quantity until I started with the collagen.  

Take another look at the after picture above and you will notice all the baby hairs all around my hairline! 

Benefit 3-Joints

After 3 months of use, the next thing I noticed was how much better my knees and hip joints feel.  Since hitting my late 30s, the aches and pains seem to mount up a lot easier these days especially while lifting or exercising.  

My comfort in my joints with movement has been much improved!  

 Some people have reported nails becoming more strong and able to grow longer.  I personally have not noticed any difference in my nails.  This could be that it takes  a while for our nails to grow out.  

Overall my experience with a collagen supplement has made me a huge fan.  I plan to continue using it.  As I enter middle age I feel I need all the help I can get in keeping my body working well.  

My Experience with a Collagen Supplement Goes Along with the Research

In a wellness webinar called Collagen Decode, Dr. Bruce Caggy explained the benefits of collagen from clinical studies.  

1) Skin Health- collagen maintains healthy skin, tendons, joints, and nails

2) Healthy Aging-Collagen supports connective tissue so providing the raw materials to synthesize collagen protein can prevent muscle, tendon, or joint injuries as we age.

3) Recovery and Prevention of Sports Injuries or Sore Joints

Experience with a Collagen Supplement in the body

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in our body!  It is the glue that holds our body together and creates the structure our cells need.  

Our ability to synthesize it efficiently goes down by about 1.5% each year.  By the time we are 40 our synthesizing ability has lost 25% capability!  

To learn more about protein and all it’s benefits check out my previous blog post: Why Protein is Beneficial for Moms!

One note from what I know about protein- I wouldn’t trust anything that has collagen as a topical solution.  Building your protein is an internal process so if looking into collagen for skin I would start with a supplement you ingest.  

What I Like about my Collagen Supplement

Collagen supplementation is a slow process. What I mean by that is it takes time for your body to take the building blocks from your supplement and build up enough to see a difference.   

Dr. Caggy said most studies showed it took between 5-24 weeks to see benefits.

The supplement I chose to take was amazing because in about month I started seeing a difference in my skin and within 12 weeks I have seen the full benefits!  

So what supplement did I chose and why?  Click here to go to my recommendations

Here are the reasons my collagen supplement has been so beneficial

It is from a grass-fed bovine source- Bovine contains Type I and III collagen and supports general overall health from joints and skin to tendons and blood vessels
It contains ALL the essential protein building blocks-The company formulated this collagen to contain all 9 essential amino acids AND Vitamin C which are all needed for optimal protein synthesis. 
It is from a Company I Know I Can Trust-This company has been in business for 65 years, 3rd party tests its products and stands behind them with a 100% money back guarantee!  
Organic, High Quality Ingredients:  This company quality tests every ingredient to assure it is beyond organic and delivering the highest quality supplement.  


My experience with a collagen supplement was extremely positive.  It has improved my skin, made my hair come in thicker, and provides joint comfort.  

I believe this is because I chose a high quality supplement from a trusted source.

Don’t you agree that this is a supplement worth investing in?   

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Dawn Zurcher
Dawn Zurcher

An experienced elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom to 3 adorable girls, Dawn loves sharing with other moms how to be healthy, happy and confident through the ups and downs of motherhood. She provides workshops to help mothers get started strong in homeschool, parenting and wellness. You will find her learning alongside her children or volunteering in their learning community.

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