3 Small Steps To Energize A Tired Mom

Ask any mom what they need more of and energy will probably be at the top of the list.    

I know after I first became a mom I wanted to feel like my old self again without the baby brain and exhaustion.  Even as my babies got older, I still was a tired mom that lacked focus and energy.  How do you energize a tired mom

Keeping up with the demands, needs, and busy body of a young child takes tons of energy. Many moms feel like they are former shells of themselves lacking the energy needed to enjoy their role as mom.  

 However there is hope because I found ways to increase my energy and feel the best I ever have.

This article breaks down three areas to focus on in order to energize a tired mom so that you can keep up and more importantly ENJOY your children.  

If you are a tired mom looking to get rid of mom fatigue and boost your energy levels naturally keeping reading.  

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Sometimes our biggest enemy can be ourselves.  We make choices every day that impact how we think, believe, and act. These actions and decisions can make such a difference in our daily reality.

Our lives get rocked when that little baby comes into our lives and totally upends our normal routine.  We have to figure out how to meet another humans needs…every hour of every day!  

We go into survival mode for those first few months when sleep is little and feeding and bouncing is lots.

However sometimes we can get stuck in that survival mode and never take the space to make a plan or check in with our needs.  Before you know it you are exhausted and feel miserable. 

Here are 3 simple steps to energize a tired mom.

#1: Fuel Your Body with the Right Nutrients!

The most important factor to energize a tired mom is what you fuel your body with.  

When fueling your car you make sure to put in the correct type of gas.  Fuel that has the wrong mix will lead to poor performance or it not running. 

Energize a tired mom

It is the same for our bodies.  Feeding our bodies the wrong mix leads to lack of energy.  

When we get stressed and busy, we tend to grab the easiest thing, high carb, sugar-filled, and highly processed but low on nutrition. 

Look for foods that are dense in nutrients such as fish, beef, leafy greens, seeds and nuts, berries and avocados, and sweet potatoes. 


I highly recommend hitting an easy button and add a Life Shake protein shake into your daily routine. 

Protein shakes are the number #1 super simple way to energize a tired mom and make sure you are getting high quality protein and micronutrients every day.  

Protein shakes take only 3-4 minutes to mix up in the blender.  It is so easy to take on the go in an insulated mug and drink while you are busy with the kids.  

I choose Life Shakes because they have 20g of Non-GMO protein, 6g of fiber so it is filling, prebiotics to help a healthy gut, as well as a whole list of great nutrients that we need to feel energetic. I have noticeably felt more energetic once adding this to my daily routine. It is like coffee in that I don’t want to go without! 


Another nutritional step that greatly helps is nutritional supplementation. 

 After growing a baby our bodies are depleted and our food alone might not meet the levels of nutrients we need to get back to feeling ourselves. 

 Look for supplements that are tested and a company that is interested in making them bio-available which means they actually are absorbed by the body.  Omega 3s, Vitamin B Complex, vitamin D, and probiotics are all foundational supplements to start off with.  

Paring quality supplementation with protein shakes has totally transformed my energy levels and is the #1 way to energize a tired mom.

Energize a Tired Mom
Dawn Zurcher recommendations

#2 Get Active!

The next step to energize a tired mom is to get active and move that body.  

But wait you say, “I feel so tired I don’t have the energy to do a workout.”  This would be one of those sabotaging self talks.  Your body needs to move.  Change that thought to “I will work out or move to get more energy.”   

Just getting in 10 minutes a day can make huge improvements in your energy not to mention your mood.  

Movement such as taking a walk, doing a quick 10 mobility routine or HIIT workout, or a short yoga session gets your blood flowing to all parts and your brain which promotes alertness.  

Your muscles get stretched and warmed up to improve mobility.  Also it gets some of those feel good chemicals such as endorphins flowing which makes you feel better.  

Another great benefit is that movement tires your body out to help you with your sleep!  

Plan a 10 minute window in each day where you can move in some way. 

#3 Protect and Maximize Sleep

I remember trying to adjust to the new life of never having anytime to just be by myself and do what I wanted to do.  When I got that little window of free time while the baby naps or the kids are in bed I was excited to finally have time to myself.  

It felt like a waste of time to try and sleep.  I might not actually get to sleep. It was the only time I had to get things done.  

However, sleep is a very important part of your wellness.  It affects your moods, your functioning, and outlook on life.  

Love yourself enough to set limits to protect your sleep.  Don’t get tempted to stay up just one more hour to watch that TV show for “me” time.  Before you know it you have stayed up until midnight and shortened your overall sleep time to 5-6 hours.  Your “me” time, if you are feeling low on energy, should be a date with your pillow.  

Your goal should be to get 8 hours of sleep.  Here are a few tips to make sure you are able to maximize your beauty rest and energize a tired mom.  

Set a routine bedtime for yourself and stick to it.
Sleep when the baby or kids are asleep
Stay off screens for at least 30 minutes before bed
Enlist spouse to take care of kids so you can get some sleep.  


Hopefully this has helped you know that sleep, getting active, and fueling your body well are 3 ways to energize a tired mom so that you can show up for those who matter.

I know today I am more energetic, happy, and enjoy my children thanks to my protein shakes and supplements, making sure I get to bed and plenty of sleep, and having a commitment to moving each day. 

 I no longer experience brain fog, rarely have trouble focusing, and love being the best version of myself!

If you are feeling low on energy then STOP right now and check in with yourself.  What do you need to fill your Energy tank?

 Seriously…make a list of some practical items you can focus on from these suggestions and then implement and take that small step to a better you!  

Take the Free Assessment as a first step to discover what you need to gain more energy.  I am here to serve you and put the days of brain fog and tiredness to rest for good! 

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Dawn Zurcher
Dawn Zurcher

An experienced elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom to 3 adorable girls, Dawn loves sharing with other moms how to be healthy, happy and confident through the ups and downs of motherhood. She provides workshops to help mothers get started strong in homeschool, parenting and wellness. You will find her learning alongside her children or volunteering in their learning community.

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