Trying to choose a supplement company you can trust?

In 2105 in New York the state sent letters of “Cease and Desist” to 4 major retailers including Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC to stop selling certain supplement products.  

The reason?  Failures to meet label claims.  

When a study was conducted on the supplement products on their shelves “the tests showed 4 out of 5 contained insufficient amounts of the herb listed or none at all!”  

No wonder we are skeptical when choosing a supplement company!

I have always been skeptical of supplements for this exact reason.  How can you trust supplements when there is so little oversight into how they are made, what goes into them, or if they really work?

Maybe your are a researcher like me or have a health condition that has you looking for holistic answers.  If that is the case this article will help you move forward in choosing a supplement company you can trust.

I have learned from recent research, many testimonies, as well as my own personal experience, that there is no denying that supplements can play a role in a healthy lifestyle and improving your wellbeing….but it is SO important to find a company you can trust with quality products.  

And if you haven’t guessed it yet, the big retailers or grocery store aisles aren’t the best place to look. 

Go grab the website or supplement labels while you read this article and see how they measure up because your health and pocket book is worth a little research.  

In this article we will talk about:

The Purpose of Supplements
Obstacles in Choosing a Supplement Company You Can Trust
Criteria for Finding a Supplement Company You Can Trust

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The Purpose of Supplements

Hippocrates, the founder of Western medicine, wrote 

“In food excellent medicine can be found.  In food bad medicine can be found; good and bad are relative.”

In other words our food can make us well and our food can make us sick.  

Lots of research has been ongoing in finding health benefits from many different types of foods.  There is also research that can warn us of the foods to avoid.  

I have been amazed at the powerful benefits that have been discovered from foods!  It really is amazing how some herbs, plants and nutrients have the power to carry out complex processes in our body or to heal and aide our body’s functioning.

Choosing a supplement company Food as medicine quote

Do I need a supplement?

Main stream advice is that you can get the necessary nutrients from your diet so the average person doesn’t need a supplement.  I wholeheartedly support eating a balanced, nutritious diet. It is always best to get your nutrients from a whole food source.  


Have you ever tried to get the Recommended Daily Amount of vitamins solely from your diet? My close friend tried to do it.  It stressed her out.  She found it nearly impossible.  

Also there are cases where supplementation is beneficial especially if you are women who has been pregnant, going through menopause, aging, or have specific health concerns that need the extra boost.  

Testimonies from people like my friend Jennifer who suffered from IBS or Kirsten who struggled with an autoimmune disease whose life changed when they added high quality supplementation to their lifestyle, turned this skeptic into an advocate. 

Also my personal experience changed my tune.  When I was experiencing major brain fog after having my 3rd baby and unexplained fatigue, I was (and still am) totally amazed at the change in my energy levels once I added supplements to my regimen.  

However, I am a huge advocate of Choosing a Supplement Company you can Trust! Because not all supplements are created equal.  

Obstacles in Choosing a Supplement Company you Can Trust

Choosing a supplement company probiotic aisle

The first obstacle can be your previous experiences with supplements.  

I remember trying a generic fish oil and had horrible fishy burps that made me stop taking it.  Or how about my prenatal I bought on special that seemed to give me heartburn but I stomached it just because it was for the baby.  

My husband experienced horrible indigestion for a long time that he finally figured out was coming from his box store, big pharma brand multivitamin.  

Another story that stands out is a mamma that told me she tried collagen from Target and it gave her headaches and stomach pains.  

These experiences make you distrust supplements and not want to experiment with your money or your health.

That is why it is all about choosing a supplement you can trust.    

The Second Obstacle is the Overwhelm of Options

Just go into a Sprouts and you will be greeted with a whole huge section of the store solely devoted to supplements.  

I remember wanting to buy a probiotic when I heard it was supposed to be helpful and ran away in terror when confronted by the choices.  I was overwhelmed.  The picture above is the cooler and shelf devoted only to probiotics!

There are so many choices because the FDA does not regulate supplements.  This means that there are lots of people selling snake oil and jumping at the chance to make some money.  

Also there can be a huge range of prices from super expensive to cheap which also overwhelms the decision process with trying to figure out the value and how much you should pay. 

The Third Obstacle to Overcome is Reading and Understanding Labels

I do not have a chemistry or nutrition degree so even if the label happens to be accurate, how do I make sense of what is in these supplements?  

Many brands will include fillers, preservatives, artificial colorings, load it up with sugar if a gummy.  You might be getting very little of the actual nutrient.  

Once you find a supplement company you can trust, the need for decoding the labels becomes much less.

Criteria for Choosing a Supplement Company You Can Trust

Choosing a supplement company checklist

Questions to ask about your brand….


       Does your company have patents or proof that their supplements are actually absorbed at the right time in your digestive tract?  

Did you know some big name brand supplements actually have been found to pass right through without being absorbed?  That is one big waste of money.  

*Third Party Verification

       Does your company allow 3rd party verification through 3rd party published   clinical studies or one of the testing certification organizations like USP?  

*Good Manufacturing Processes

       How does your company process their supplements?  The way they handle the ingredients to how they store and ship it can make a huge difference.

* Ingredient Quality

       Are the ingredients organic, Non GMO and tested for purity and lack of contamination?  Are they transparent on the labels of the source of each nutrient?


      Do they have a long standing, proven record with published studies or other endorsements that make them stand out? Do they stand behind their product with a money back guarantee?  


      Most importantly do you experience results when taking them? You shouldn’t experience discomfort or unusual symptoms but should have a noticeable change in your wellbeing within 90 days.


Let’s stop supporting companies that fail to provide quality products and just take our money and find healing results from high quality supplements!  

I have found supplements to be a huge benefit to my wellbeing and quality of life.  I have more energy and comfort in my body due to choosing supplements I can trust. I can feel comfortable knowing my money isn’t going to waste.  

I have already done the work for you and would love to share my brand. Take my FREE Supplement Assessment which will match you with supplements to meet your health goals and then schedule a call with me to go over your results.  Or you can head over to my recommendation page to see what products I use daily!  

I want you to be healthy and well so that you can nurture a thriving family!  

More Resources For You

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Dawn Zurcher
Dawn Zurcher

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