A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Stay Healthy Even While the Kids are Getting Sick!

I am not joking when I say my kids have been sick 8 times in the past 12 months with various runny nose, cough yuck colds. I need a mom’s immunity plan to keep me healthy through it all.  

 We have a week or two of healthiness which is just enough time for us to re-enter society.  Then one of them catches the next round that gets passed to the siblings.  We are stuck at home for the next 2 weeks and then we start the cycle again.  

As frustrating as this is, it can be even worse when the parents’ catch the cold each time too. As moms we don’t get a “sick” day from our responsibilities.  It is miserable to be feeling horrible yet still trying to fulfill our family duties.

 This is why it is so important to have a mom’s immunity plan. Despite my kids being sick 8 times I have only suffered symptoms once in the past year.  

I have found a way to keep my body and health going strong so I can take care of my kids when they need me most.  

Keep reading to find out the steps and tools I use to keep my immune system strong.     

It is always better to do things together. That is especially true when trying to navigate something new.   Trying to figure out how to build your body’s health up can be overwhelming.  

Let me come along side you in your journey to finding wellbeing for you so that you can focus on nurturing that family that needs you so much.  

Schedule a free consultation call where we will discuss your health goals, challenges, and create a plan that helps you get started on the road to energy and wellbeing!  

A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Step 1
Understand Your Body’s Defense Systems

First thing to understand is our immune system is only 1 part of your body’s complex defense system.  There are actually 5 different systems that protect our body.  

Angiogenesis: System that is responsible for providing new cells blood vessels and bad cells to not have blood flow.
Regeneration System: In charge of fixing injuries in tissues and organs
DNA Protection System: Makes sure cell are reproduced correctly
Microbiome: The community of microbes in our body that controls hormone release, immune response, and helps heals wounds.  
Immune System: Attacks and dismantles foreign invaders to our body

All of these systems work together to keep our body running smoothly.  When something goes wrong it can lead to bad cell growth, aka cancer, or chronic inflammation, which leads to the majority of diseases.  

So, it is critical to keep our defense systems fueled properly and in working order because this is not only about our short term health of getting rid of a cold but also our long term quality of life of remaining free of chronic illness. 

We do have control over our health by making daily lifestyle choices and habits.  Which leads us to our next step of understanding those choices.

A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Step 2
Make Choices that Support these Defense Systems

Mom’s Immunity Plan: choices

The next step of a mom’s immunity plan is making lifestyle choices that give these defense systems what they need to be functioning at their best.  This includes:

A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Step 3
Eat Food that Boosts Your Defense Systems

Finally, the most important part of a mom’s immunity plan for long term immune health is making good food choices.  You need to eat foods that give your body what it needs to do its job and support your microbiome.  Foods that squash your defense systems include:

Added sugar.  Sugar increase inflammation and feeds the wrong types of bacteria in your gut.
Processed Foods:  These foods are ones that you don’t even know the ingredients.  They are made with items that your body can’t use or absorb well.  Instead look for Whole Foods and prepare your own meals as often as possible.  
Excessive Alcohol
Overeating: Try to eat to 80% full.  Over stuffing yourself overwhelms your system

Super Foods that Boost All 5 Defense Systems

Mom’s Immunity Plan: Super Foods

A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Tools to have on Hand

Sometimes even while doing all the preventative measures your body needs some extra help.  This is why your immunity plan needs to have these herbal and natural food remedies to help kick the cold to the curb.  

Any time I start to feel my body working to fight off illness, I go to these and usually within a day I feel much better and avoid developing symptoms.  

Immunity plan: Echinacea

Echinacea:  Purple Coneflower that has been used for centuries by the Native Americans it has been shown to boost your immune response.

Mom’s Immunity Plan: Reishi Mushroom

Reishi Mushroom:  Comes in powder form or more commonly tea and has shown to increase your immune system and may help fight cancer.

Mom’s Immunity Plan: Alfalfa

Alfalfa:  Not the sprouts but the mature plant leaves and stems have natural antihistamines.  Get your daily dose from beyond organic and non GMO source.

Mom’s Immunity Plan: Garlic

Garlic: Known to have antibiotic properties this is great to ward of infections and inflammation.  You do have to consume this in large quantities and who wants to smell like garlic?!  However this Garlic Complex has kept all the goodness without the bad and lingering taste.  

Moms Immunity Plan: Nutrferon

Nutriferon:  This is a patented blend of herbs created by a Noble Prize winning Immunologist that is shown to increase your interferon which is the conductor of your immune system.  Feeding it with this blend is shown to increase your killer cell activity and keep your immune system humming.  

Mom’s Immunity Plan: Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins C, E, D and the Mineral Zinc:  Choosing foods that are high in these or supplementing during a time of illness helps support your immune system.  I enjoy this tea that includes all this goodness plus a few of the other herbs on this list.  It is my go to when I start to feel the symptoms and it tastes yummy too!  

A Mom’s Immunity Plan: Conclusion

It is possible to enjoy good health and a strong immune system by making educated daily lifestyle choices that help support your body.  

I had put many of these things into place to improve my general health and found the pleasant surprise of being able to remain healthy no matter what my little germ vectors…I mean my children…bring home.  

I am so grateful that I am able to be there for my kids when they need me most and know that this investment will continue to protect my quality of life well into the future.  

If you have questions or are curious to learn more, I am here to help!  My desire is to have all mom’s full of energy, joy and wellbeing  so that you can nurture a thriving family.  

Schedule a free consultation call to get the first steps to your plan to kick colds and chronic illness to the curb.  

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Dawn Zurcher
Dawn Zurcher

An experienced elementary music teacher turned homeschool mom to 3 adorable girls, Dawn loves sharing with other moms how to be healthy, happy and confident through the ups and downs of motherhood. She provides workshops to help mothers get started strong in homeschool, parenting and wellness. You will find her learning alongside her children or volunteering in their learning community.

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