Hi there!   I ‘m Dawn Zurcher.

Lead Your Homeschool with Confidence.

I help homeschool families gain clarity, confidence, and wellbeing through group coaching programs so that they can lead happy families and start off strong in homeschooling.  

Dawn and Daughters

Trying to figure Out how to get started homeschooling?

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Deciding to Homeschool can be the Best Decision Ever for your family but you might find yourself thinking this….      

Where do I start?
Do I have what it takes?  Can I teach my own children? 
Are there other homeschool families out there? How will I ever find my community? 
There are so many resources to choose from! How do I even begin to sort through it all?

That’s Where Dawn Comes in! 

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Dawn Can Coach You!

A helping hand in your Homeschool

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Here are a few other ways I can Help… 

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New to homeschooling in California and don’t know where to start?

Join my community where I go LIVE each week to answer your questions. Connect with other families who are starting out in their homeschool journey. 

Motivated Momma’s Book Club


Connect with moms as we learn and discuss books that will support you as you nurture your thriving family.  Meetings are held weekly via Zoom so no matter where you are located you can be a part of our club.  

Current book: “Atomic Habits” By James Clear

Hi there

My name is Dawn Zurcher

I am a no fuss, let’s talk and figure it out kind of gal who spent 13 years as a K-8 general music teacher and now a homeschooling mom of 3 sweet girls. 

While my teaching career prepared me on how to handle routines, behavior, and making plans and processes, I was totally unprepared for all the demands motherhood put on my identity, relationships, time, and wellbeing.  

I invested in my growth, reached out to mentors, prioritized my wellbeing and found the joy and confidence as a mom. 

THEN…Life surprised me when we decided to homeschool.  (I had always imagined my children and I happily attending the elementary school I taught in.)  However, now starting our 5th year homeschooling, I am so glad we chose the less beaten path. It has allowed our family to flourish and a lifestyle I feel blessed to experience.  

I want you to experience this joy and confidence in homeschooling your children. I now am dedicated to helping other homeschool families find joy and confidence in their wellbeing, family, and homeschool. 

I offer 

-Group Coaching to get you started strong in your homeschool

-One on One Coaching to help troubleshoot or create an individualized plan for your homeschool.

-Community of Homeschool Moms to support and encourage each other

I love helping other homeschool families so that they can nurture thriving families and homeschools!   I am cheering you on!

“Dawn brings so much passion and heart for serving others…”

Dawn Zurcher Testimonial Chelsey Home page

Chelsey Holm

Mom of 5

From my blog

A Mom’s Immunity Plan Title

Learn about our body’s defense systems and the choices we can make to build them up and fight the acute or chronic illnesses that can slow us down.  

Hope and Healing after miscarriage feature image

Having experienced two miscarriages in the past 18 months, I open up and share what to expect with a miscarriage and how gratitude and goals have really helped my mindset.  

my Community, Content, & Products

My Community Is for you if:

Want To learn how to lead your family well
Homeschool Family searching for community
Love learning, growing, and improving mindset
Learning how to homeschool

My Community is NOT for you if:

Want quick fixes without effort
Consider God unimportant
Avoid social media or connecting online
Unwilling to try something new or different

The things I love to teach

Mindset and Gratitude 
Stepping confidently into your role as homeschool parent
How to enjoy teaching your children
How to reach out to find your community
Music for kids
Parenting tips
Processes to make family life more purposeful
How to get started in Homeschooling in California

Learning happens in conversations, in connection, and from curiosity and most importantly through our actions.  We gain experience from doing and living life but we don’t always have to learn the hard way when we have people who have already gone through the tough parts and are willing to share.  Let me mentor you through all I have learned so you can plan purposeful actions to become the person you want to be without the heartache or wasted time!  


Encinitas, CA

Dawn Zurcher

Leading our Homeschool Confidently, Together!  

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